One Minute Ago

Galleria Riccardo Crespi - Milan

"Biagetti and Baldassari work independently, but are linked by a profound affinity. In their different ways of thinking, both tend to bring about meetings between things, materials and spheres of research that appear distant in character or remote in time."

Their approach is at once analytical and imaginative. Alberto Biagetti revisits objects of everyday use to bestow a new expressiveness on them. His Vincent rush-bottomed/demented chairs, Standing linear lamps of forged metal and other objects, some of them made out of collected materials, are of a primordial essentiality, but also evoke the sense of a future that is already here. In his work the delicate surface of blown glass, the dull texture of wood, the opalescence of brass and copper, light, industrial materials like polyurethane foam and crude iron are combined, together with a lot of references and not without a sense of humour.

As if reaching out from the threshold of this earthly dwelling, Laura Baldassari, free from the weight of an intention, seems to be looking outside and beyond: her gaze is at once meditative and ordering. In her landscapes, extraordinary in their technical virtuosity, desire is combined with lucidity, wonder with rigour, the aptitude for contemplation with an interest in images of scientific or geological derivation. Her work speaks of an inclination to research, but also of a quiet, intimate experience, a sense of inwardness, of time and absorption.

Their approach is at once analytical and imaginative.

…Thus Biagetti and Baldassari see the human being of today as the inhabitant of a house that provides shelter, but also of the vastness of the universe, and, through a shared propensity and constant dialogue, extend the relations between things and reformulate the logic of habitation.”
Gabi Scardi